Department of English


About The Department

The English major offers students the skills of close reading, creative writing, literary interpretation, critical analysis, historical research, and  respectful debate. renowned programs in creative and critical writing help students find their own voice while they learn how literature and language have influenced the values and lived experience of societies over the centuries and across geographical boundaries


English Literature has a long and prestigious history at Newcastle University, having been taught here for over a century.


This degree provides you with an excellent education in literature, drama and film, combining a flexible approach and wide range of option choices with extensive historical coverage.


You will deepen your knowledge of literary texts and gain you a firm foundation in the critical and theoretical skills needed to analyse them.


Carrier Opportunities

¤ There are few jobs where the subject matter of your English Literature degree is essential - secondary teaching or an academic career being the main ones which spring to mind.

¤ However, the skills you develop through the study of English Literature (effective written and verbal communication, time-management, organisational skills, team-work, independent study and research, developing persuasive arguments …to name but a few), are marketable in a wide variety of professional areas.

¤ At least 50% of graduate jobs do not specify a degree discipline. Some areas which have traditionally attracted English Literature graduates include advertising, marketing and PR work, arts administration, library and information management, the legal profession, editing and publishing, journalism and other areas of the media.



A pass in HSC